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    A brief on the eBook:

    Most learning initiatives’ focus dims when it comes to measuring the learning impact and its transition into the business. This questions the organizations’ investment in Learning and Development and its core objective.

    ‘The Learning Gauge’ offers you a lens to the Learning and Development fraternity and the organizations’ limited control on the learning conversion. It also discusses the famous learning theories and models followed by the industry, their limitations and challenges, and relevant case studies. This will enable you to better understand today’s business scenarios, throbbing business needs and hopefully trigger thoughts towards finding a lasting solution.

    It moves the discussion from mere ‘training-as-a-solution’ to the business problem but towards concrete mechanisms to ingrain the learning and show materialistic conversion. This truly was the focus of all learning intentions and interventions, which due to the limitations and challenges to measure the learning applicability, gradually lost its attention.

    However, with the growing competition, dynamic markets and technologies, unstable economies, continuous learning proved to be the foundation to manage any thriving business. This has brought the lost focus back to the need for learning measurement and ‘The Learning Gauge’ offers you a helping mindset towards achieving it.

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    This guide will help you understand the following:

    Industry mindset around learning measurement

    Challenges to measurement of learning transition

    Traditional and modern solutions through learning models

    Real-life implementation and relevant case studies

    How will the book help you?

    Through its focused content this book very easily gives you a tour of the industry mindset, the common, constant and often ignored road blocks. It offers tested solutions to lead yourself out of those barriers and provide a lasting solution to learning conversion. You will get insights into successful implementation of the suggested solutions making their replication simpler and faster. Grab your copy today and bring that long awaited change.

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