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Join us for an insightful webinar where we delve into the critical considerations for learning designers in driving measurable impact through effective design strategies.

  • July 30, 2024
  • 7:00 AM PDT | 2:00 PM GMT | 7:30 PM IST

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    In today's corporate learning landscape, the desire to measure business impact is nearly universal among business leaders, yet a mere 14% of organizations regularly measure learning outcomes, impact, and success (Watershed survey). As the role of learning designers evolves, it becomes increasingly pivotal to shift from “educational” content creation to designing impactful learning experiences that not only educate but also change behaviors and deliver measurable outcomes.

    In this webinar, Vidya Rajagopal, Senior Manager & Head of Instructional Design at Upside Learning, will lead an engaging discussion on the methodologies and best practices that learning designers can employ to replace the 'fingers-crossed' approach to learning impact with robust, science-backed strategies to move the needle.

    What You'll Learn

    • The evolving role of learning designers in driving measurable business impact.
    • Practical methodologies and frameworks for designing impactful learning experiences.
    • Real-life examples illustrating the application of learning science principles.
    • Small steps that lead to a big impact.

    Why Attend?

    By the end of this webinar, you will be able to identify where your learning projects lie on the impact continuum and determine how to increase that impact through small shifts in perception and consulting. Don’t miss this opportunity to refine your approach to learning measurement and drive meaningful outcomes within your organization.


    Vidya Rajagopal

    Senior Manager and
    Head of Instructional Design
    Upside Learning

    Hosted By

    Isha Sood

    AVP Marketing
    Upside Learning

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