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Amit Garg Talks About The Increasing Use Of Mobile Devices In The Workplace

The increasing ubiquity of the mobile phone begs for it to be used as a learning tool. It’s no surprise then that organisation across the globe are beginning to incorporate mLearning in their L&D initiatives. Amit Garg, Director of Custom Learning Solutions at Upside Learning, recently shared all these insights in a Q&A session with a leading Indian daily called Sakal Times.

Amit, an avid learner of mobile technology and a mLearning evangelist, spoke of the growing penetration of mobile devices, the various learning opportunities offered by mobile technology, possible ways of leveraging mLearning in the workplace and how mobiles will gradually become the platform of choice for workplace learning delivery (or learning/knowledge management system access).

Below are some excerpts from the Q&A:

Mobiles will become the platform of choice for workplace learning delivery (or learning/knowledge management system access). Learners would be able to access content nuggets (videos, documents, or mini courses) from corporate information systems just when they need them. They will collaborate with colleagues and even contribute their own content using mobiles devices. Performance Support will increase many–fold and we will see a lot of training take the shape of performance support. Mobile devices will again be the driver for this change as learners start accessing learning content just when they need it.

Mobile learning as such can be used for activating knowledge before a classroom (or virtual classroom or even an eLearning session), summarizing (after one of those sessions – delivered soon after the session), recall and just–in–time search support by letting employees search in company’s knowledge databases (wikis, blogs, forums) using their mobiles. Mobile learning platforms, like Upside2Go, can help L&D departments to deliver priority communication, just–in–time and performance support solutions to their learners anywhere, anytime.

The Q&A was published on December 10 in Sakal Times.

The Q&A session focused on the emergence of mLearning in the workplace and included questions like –


  • What is the latest in e–learning?
  • How has the industry evolved?
  • What are the distinct advantages of mobile learning?
  • How Mobile Learning is going to help corporate India?
  • What does the future hold for mobile learning?


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