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PC Quest Magazine Showcases Upside Learning’s Pune Layar

Pune Layar is an augmented reality (AR) application for mobile phones that enables users to find significant landmarks in and around Pune city. With a view to exploring the application of AR in the field of eLearning, Upside Learning had released this Layar back in April, making it India’s first crowd-sourced Layar.

After having received many eyeballs and being covered by some of the biggest newspapers (like Sakal, DNA, Indian Express, Sakal Times, Pune Times), Pune Layar has now managed to figure in one of the oldest and prestigious technology magazines in the country – PC Quest.

PC Quest is a premier Indian (PC) computer magazine providing online computer news, IT articles from India & abroad. The second oldest IT publication in the country, it is ranked as the number one magazine by IT purchase decision makers in helping them with their IT purchases. In its July 2010 issue, covered under the “Exploring MARS – The Renaissance of Reality”, the magazine talks about Pune Layar – its significance from the Indian perspective and that with regard to the growing market of smart phones. The article also details the developer’s angle behind this application and Upside learning’s take on the emerging technologies.

To be featured in a magazine like PC Quest, is indeed a great honor. Positioned highly in the enterprise IT implementation space, the magazine is renowned for its stringent reviews and factual editorial pages. We hope to continue with our endeavour in exploring new technological avenues and developing advanced & innovative tools so as to bring better ways to solve problems and create solutions.

Amit Garg

Director - Content Solutions Upside Learning
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