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Upside Learning launches Multi-device Testing Lab service for eLearning projects

In today’s multi-device world, one of the major challenges is the wide range of devices on which eLearning needs to be supported. Different browsers, manufacturers, models and sizes, operating systems, connectivity modes and platforms further add to this challenge. To ensure that eLearning works properly on multiple devices, thorough testing is essential on actual primary devices and configurations. But not all organisations are equipped with the required resources in terms of manpower, testing tools and devices, nor can they afford to invest their time to thoroughly test eLearning on different combinations.

Upside Learning’s recently launched Multi-device Testing Lab service aims to help such organisations by testing and delivering high-quality learning projects that run consistently across device, browsers and operating systems.

The company has made robust investments in its infrastructure and is equipped with a variety of devices with screen sizes between 240 x 320 and 1280 x 800 pixels, as well as some high-DPI variants. For testing on larger displays, it has Windows PCs, Macs and laptops, while tablets and smart phonesrunning iOSAndroid and Windows, cover the smaller ones. Tools such as Adobe Edge Inspect and Ghostlab are employed for quick and accurate turnaround.

The Testing Lab services team includes highly-experienced quality testing specialists with a cumulative experience of over 50 years in the eLearning testing domain. A meticulously planned rigorous testing process that runs through five broad stages ensures an error-free project with a fast turn-around.

The sheer number of devices has made pinpointing a standard device unlikely. While many organisations have started designing and developing multi-device eLearning projects in-house, it's the testing bit that continues to be a challenge. We hope our Multi-device Testing Lab services help organisations deliver a good user experience to their learners and bring in cost and time saving as well.

Amit Garg

Founder & Director – Custom Learning Solutions Upside Learning
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