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Upside Learning shares Tips on Designing, Testing and Delivering Multi-device eLearning through an eBook

In line with the growing multi-device usage, Upside Learning proudly presents its first eBook of the year, “Tips for Designing, Testing and Delivering eLearning in a Multi-device World“. Based on Upside Learning’s vast experience and expertise in designing, testing and delivering multi-device eLearning, the eBook reveals tips that will help Instructional Designers, Graphic Designers, Programmers, Quality Analysts and training officers to design, test and choose a responsive LMS.

With the rising number of devices available, people move between devices to accomplish a goal. In learning context, learners now access learning via a number of different devices – desktops/laptops, tablets, phablets and smartphones – starting a course on one device and finishing it on another. This makes it imperative to have the information/learning materials available at the point-of-need or time-of-interest, which makes it more context based. The learning material/courseware hence has to be designed and tested across multiple devices, browsers, manufacturers, models and sizes, operating systems, connectivity modes and platforms. Same applies to the delivery platform which in most cases is a Learning Management System.

But in the wake of the emerging devices, browsers, manufacturers and other parameters and their combinations, a number of challenges pertaining to designing, testing and delivering multi-device eLearning come to the fore.

Upside Learning’s eBook, “Tips for Designing, Testing and Delivering eLearning in a Multi-device World“, covers the whole nine yards of these challenges while revealing tips for designing, testing and delivering eLearning for a contrasting variety of devices.

Key takeaways:

  • The need for multi-device eLearning
  • Pointers on designing multi-device eLearning
  • Tips on multi-device testing
  • Tips for selecting a responsive LMS

The eBook has been co-authored by Upside Learning’s Founders – Amit Gautam, Director – Technology Solutions, and Amit Garg, Director – Custom Learning Solutions. Gautam and Garg have to their credit several eBooks and blog posts, and webinars and learning sessions at various L&D conferences across the world.

The eBook is available for a free download here.

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