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Upside Learning To Help Organisations Design eLearning For iPads Through A Session At Learning Technologies 2013

While designing eLearning for iPads may appear relatively straight forward, given somewhat similar display areas to laptops and PCs, the context in which the iPad will be used, the ever increasing usage on the move and the changing user preferences, makes designing for iPads different and challenging. Further, the dilemma over whether to convert existing eLearning courseware into tablet compatible format or to create fresh courseware adds to the challenge.
Some key topics to be covered in the session include:

  • Key factors to consider for designing fresh, effective eLearning for iPads
  • Simple and cost–effective solutions for ‘mEnabling’ existing eLearning for iPads
  • Few examples showing how Upside Learning’s clients are using eLearning for iPads

Packed with ideas and suggestions, our session will highlight key concern areas pertaining to the design and delivery of eLearning on iPads. We will also share success stories of some of our clients who have adopted eLearning on iPads and are greatly benefiting from it.

Alan Samuel

Director Client Solutions – Europe Upside Learning
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