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Upside Learning wins Three LearnX Live! Awards

Upside Learning rated consistently as the Top Learning Solutions provider globally, recently won three LearnX Live! Awards. These Awards recognises Upside Learning’s ability to leverage learning solutions and supporting technologies in order to deliver value and significantly impact business results. Amit Garg – Co Founder and Director, Learning Solutions said “We are elated on winning top honours at LearnX Live! Awards, this accolade reinforces the belief of our team to Go Beyond at each and every step of creating learning solutions that deliver great experience for our customers, eventually resulting in business impact”

This year’s winning entries under the Learning and Development category were submitted jointly by Upside Learning and its clients.

Platinum Winner – Best Learning Model – Bespoke/Custom – The Trades Union Congress & Upside Learning

This entry, submitted by the Trades Union Congress (TUC), is called ‘TUC Education’. It is a solution that combines a mobile app and an online portal to facilitate the delivery of self-paced digital learning on mobile devices, to learners who are members of the TUC’s fifty affiliate unions. Since many of these learners work in areas that lack proper IT infrastructure and stable connectivity, the app enables tracking and reporting of the learners’ progress and performance, even while being offline. The data is later synced with a central database, when the app is online again. The TUC also sought to eliminate the learners’ dependency on LMS registration. The app thus allows learners to register and login using their Facebook, Gmail or any other valid email accounts. The online portal allows TUC admins to manage users and content, while also making the data of all users accessible to them.

Gold Winner – Best eLearning Design – eLearning Design Technology – The New York State Psychiatric Institute & Upside Learning

The Shared decision making (SDM) module is developed for behavioral healthcare providers to increase their knowledge about SDM and to encourage its use. Shared decision making (SDM) is an evidence-based practice that involves individuals receiving care and their healthcare providers working together to make important decisions about clinical care. It is a process in which clinicians and individuals receiving care work together to make decisions and select tests, treatments, and care plans based on clinical evidence that balances risks and expected outcomes with patient preferences and values. This approach is often underutilized in healthcare specifically. Anticipated outcomes include increased knowledge about the use of SDM, which in turn will lead to patients’ increased commitment to their care. This course uses an innovative, mind map-style framework, role play examples, character illustrations, infographics, to model to the students how SDM should be implemented.

Silver Winner – Best eLearning Project – New eLearning Adopter – ISS A/S & Upside Learning

This winning entry is called ‘Living Service with a Human Touch’. It is a modular eLearning program developed to augment and support an existing ISS workshop-based training–‘Service with a Human Touch’, which was itself earlier designed and conceptualized by ISS to highlight how employees could develop and live a culture of customer-centricity and service excellence. Clear and concise by design, the foundational content of the workshop itself lent itself well to being visualized through rich ISS-specific visuals, animations and interactivity, to be easily comprehensible for a global learner base. Development of the program assets and page design was reflective of the pulse of ISS and represented the service culture throughout.

The end result is a SCORM-compliant eLearning program with rich visuals and interactive content, modularized to convey the key message around five customer expectations to enable learners to live the service culture.

About LearnX Live! Awards

The LearnX Live! Awards are an international awards program that recognises multiple fields within talent management across the corporate, education and public-service sectors. Each year the Awards uncover incredible projects and solutions that deliver best practice and business value. We then share many of these experiences with the wider community during FuturistiX Live! Summit & Awards Show, incorporating the LearnX Live! Awards Show. Our objective also is to shine a light on the talented teams involved in these works, and the enterprises that support them. The awards are open to any organization, small or large, from anywhere in the world. The Awards have been in operation since 2008.

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