Upside Learning’s Independent Webinar Series Makes An Impressive Start

Close on the heels of the announcement of its first independent webinar series, Upside Learning hosted a successful webinar on mLearning, titled ‘No Escaping Mobile Learning’, on 8th August. Attracting registrations to the tune of 400, the webinar was well attended by L&D professionals as other mLearning enthusiasts from across the globe.

The webinar was presented by Amit Garg, Founder & Director of Upside Learning, along with Abhijit Kadle, Sr. Manager – Instructional Design at Upside Learning. The 45 minutes session, followed by Q&A, was packed with many insights and information related to mobile learning.

Few key points highlighted in the webinar were:

  • Current scale of adoption of mobile devices
  • The key drivers accelerating mobile learning adoption in workplaces
  • Getting started with mLearning quickly

The timing of the webinar could not have been better. With the massive proliferation of smartphones and tablets, and ever increasing bandwidths and speed of mobile networks – the entire planet has gone mobile quite literally. Organisations have begun to understand the importance of leveraging mobile devices for learning in workplaces as a great opportunity to enhance learning and performance of its employees.

Upside learning strongly believes in sharing knowledge and information with the global community at large. To this effect the company will continue to arrange more such webinars addressing key issues time and again.

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