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Upside Learning’s latest infographic simplifies the complex world of Games, Game-based Learning and Gamification

Games, Game-based Learning and Gamification are the most misconstrued terms in eLearning today. Learning solution providers often have to spend considerable amount of time explaining the differences to organisations on the lookout for creating engaging eLearning. Upside Learning, in its quest to simplify and aid better understanding of these terminologies, has published a visually striking infographic titled- Games vs Game-based Learning vs Gamification.

Based on a blog post previously published on the company’s blog, under the same title, the infographic elucidates the three terms (Games, Game-based Learning and Gamification) using a simple game ‘Hopscotch‘ as an example. The usage of vibrant colours and 3D-like graphics provide a game-like feel to the infographic.

The infographic- Games vs Game-based Learning vs Gamification can be viewed here-

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