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Mobile Learning at Work

Get practical perspectives on implementing Mobile Learning.

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    Report Abstract:

    Supported by Upside Learning, Towards Maturity's In-Focus report titled 'Mobile Learning at Work' is based on core findings and analysis of the research data from Towards Maturity's 2012 Benchmark Study. Backed by strong numerical data, the report examines the changing patterns of use of mobile learning at work and lays a road ahead for organisations to successfully plan and execute their mLearning strategies. The report includes case studies and offers important tips on BYOD and unified learning, which have been contributed by Upside Learning from its years of experience in the mLearning space.

    The report shows that

    • Mobile users report 42% increase in the proportion of staff on L&D programmes (35% for non mobile users).
    • 3 out of 10 organisations encourage learners to use their own mobile devices (BYOD) rising to 57% of top learning companies.
    • 78% of mobile users think integrating learning into the workflow is important or critical today (66% of non mobile users).
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