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A Fresh new eBook on Compliance Training launched by Upside Learning

The new eBook ‘Compliance Training: Stop Ticking the Box’ from Upside Learning aims to help organizations solve the Compliance Training conundrum.

Compliance training has long been notorious for being the unavoidable ‘dull, drab, boring mandate’. To both organizations and employees, the ‘why’ of compliance training largely reveals ‘must have’ and ‘have to do’ undertones. Perceptions take a while to change, but it’s sustained, incremental efforts that can help favorably shape those perceptions—even change them in the long run.

Thinking about the ‘tick the box’ mindset, or the ‘have-to-get-done-with-the-compliance-training’ mindset, the current landscape of and perceptions within compliance training as an L&D domain was explored. The result is an eBook in which the author’s Neeti Sudumbrekar and Amit Garg’s observations and thoughts on compliance training are presented.

Here are some immediate questions that formed the foundation and the theme of the eBook.

  • Regarding Key Drivers :How is compliance training currently perceived by organizations and employees?Why are compliance training programs infamously known to be ‘boring’?
  • Regarding the ChallengesWhat are the pain points for both groups (organizations themselves, and employees), based on the challenges identified?
  • Regarding the PossibilitiesHow can the learning experience of compliance training programs themselves be improved?

As an attempt to answer these questions through the eBook, some industry examples are also presented, along with a few examples from Upside learning, and a possible framework that may help the design decisions towards crafting custom learning experiences in the compliance space.

The eBook brings out the key factors one can optimize, with a fresh outlook towards compliance training, looking into compliance as a culture. With the required attention to the learning environment, the available infrastructure, and the tone of messaging, the effectiveness of such programs can be taken up several notches. The eBook is available to download from Upside Learning’s website.

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