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Converting existing Flash-based eLearning to HTML5 – Upside Learning’s latest eBook explains how

Flash, which has been the most sought after technology for eLearning development, is slowly being replaced with HTML5. This is mainly due to the former’s incapability to run on some mobile devices and latter’s adaptability for multi-device learning. For organisations with heavy investments done in Flash-based eLearning, it could mean redeveloping all eLearning in HTML5.

To assist organisations like these from incurring heavy redevelopment cost and free up their locked investments in Flash-based eLearning, Upside Learning has released a new eBook titled- The why and how of moving eLearning from Flash to HTML5. The eBook, aimed at L&D professionals, can help in making a smooth and cost-effective transition from Flash to HTML5.

Authored by Amit Garg, Co-founder and Director, Upside Learning, ‘The why and how of moving eLearning from Flash to HTML5‘ leverages Amit’s expertise in Custom eLearning and is based on the company’s vast experience in converting desktop-based eLearning to tablet compatible format and knowhow of using different authorin++g tools to generate HTML5 output. The eBook, divided in to 4 main chapters, covers everything from analysis of the need for HTML-based eLearning to the actual process of conversion.

Key takeaways:

  • Why move eLearning from Flash to HTML5?
  • Key steps in moving to HTML5
  • Converting legacy Flash-based eLearning to HTML5

The eBook is available for a free download here.

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