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Upside Learning’s Client Case Studies Now Available as Videos

Keeping pace with the rising consumption of video content and the great potential it offers, Upside Learning has released its first set of 5 video case studies for Custom eLearning and mLearning. Earlier available on the Upside Learning website as text-based PDFs with course screengrabs, these case studies have been infused with new life in their video versions.

The video-based case studies now provide a quick walk-through of the projects, showcasing all the interactive and visual elements used within the course. The use of narrative style voice over provides a personalised touch to the video case studies and adds to the effectiveness.

Upside Learning plans on adding more video case studies over the course of the year.

The 5 Video Case Studies can be viewed here-

There is no doubt that videos are gaining traction; they provide a new perspective to storytelling while giving an opportunity to show the course/ project in action. Gone are the days when case studies were long and text heavy. Now, we can bring you closer to the client stories by actually showing what the course contains, the interface design and also the interactivities included.

Amit Garg

Co-founder & Director – Custom Learning Solutions
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