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Ethan Marcotte talked of Responsive Web Design as far back as 2010. The idea gained widespread acceptance and approval, and by 2012 many websites were going responsive. Not surprisingly, the idea caught on for eLearning as well, because it provided a practical solution for extending reach to different devices.

While many organisations welcomed the opportunity to deliver learning solutions optimised for different learner devices, the extent of custom coding and technical expertise required made this inaccessible for some. In response, it was only natural that a need for responsive authoring tools began to be felt to allow for quicker and simpler development of responsive eLearning courses by non-technical authors.

Some existing authoring tools released upgraded versions that generated responsive output. At the same time, many new tools entered the market catering specifically to that need. Suddenly, there were a lot of choices!

So how does one choose the right tool to fit specific business and learning needs? How should organisations evaluate a tool against their requirements? What factors should be considered?

In an attempt to help with this decision-making process, Upside Learning released a free eBook titled “Which Responsive Authoring Tools Will Work for Your eLearning Needs?” This eBook presents six cases, each illustrating a different business and learning requirement and tool recommendation. It shows how feature-specific information can be interpreted and linked to design requirements to facilitate tool selection and help make informed choices.

To download a free copy of the eBook – “Which Responsive Authoring Tools Will Work for Your eLearning Needs?“, click here.

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