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Upside Learning launches Protsahan, its in–house Performance and Reward System

Too often, we don’t take the time to stop and acknowledge good performance. Or good performance becomes the norm – so it’s no longer anything special. But at Upside Learning, we didn’t want to slip into this rut. So we launched the Protsahan System to recognise and reward performance on monthly, quarterly, yearly – and yes, even daily – basis.

Protsahan is Hindi for ‘encouragement’ or ‘motivation’. Our Protsahan system provides a mechanism to capture and publicly recognise and appreciate both flashes of excellence as well as consistent good performance.

Top performers additionally receive rewards for their performance, based on the number of points collected. These rewards, presented quarterly and annually, can be in the form of electronic gadgets, shopping vouchers, dinner vouchers, and even holiday packages.

Remember, no organisation can amount to anything without its employees. We recognise that!

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