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Upside Learning Wins Two Apex 2008 Awards of Excellence

Upside Learning won two Awards of Excellence in the Apex 2008 Annual Awards for Publication Excellence Competition. These awards were for custom content solutions for Education & Training, under the Electronic & Video Publications category.

The winning entries were an interactive piece on Maritime Safety created for Walport International Ltd. (UK) and an eLearning module on Patient Safety developed for University HealthSystem Consortium (USA).

The piece on Maritime Safety aims to teach marine safety concepts to multinational crews of merchant ships. The presentation style uses an interplay of animated, cartoonish characters to drive home the key learning points, with a strong element of humor carried through the various scenes. Video clips have been integrated into the presentation to demonstrate the importance of safety at sea.

The module on Patient Safety was developed for the University HealthSystem Consortium (USA). Designed specifically for residents in training, it uses an actual medical case study and builds on it to teach key concepts related to patient safety at an application level. Rich graphics and character animations, together with a high degree of learner control, combine to create an engaging learning experience.

The Apex Awards are sponsored by the editors of Writing That Works, a newsletter published by Communications Concepts, Inc.
( These awards are presented annually to recognise excellence in graphic design, editorial content, and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence. There are 11 major categories and 110 sub-categories. The Awards of Excellence recognise exceptional entries within these sub-categories. This year, there were 231 entries in the Electronic & Video Publications category. Of these, 15 won Awards of Excellence in the Education & Training sub-category – 2 of these winning entries were from Upside Learning.

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