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Amit Garg shares the key takeaways for Leveraging Mobility Effectively through a webinar

When used properly, mobility can do incredible things. In a world where most businesses are expected to provide service anytime and anywhere, mobility is the practical solution for performance support, peer and expert knowledge sharing, live coaching and a whole lot of other needs too.

Upside’s upcoming webinar titled ‘Leveraging Mobility Effectively’ on 22nd November at 10 AM (Central Time) is aimed at helping companies at different levels of ‘mobile maturity’ to see how better to use technology to achieve their targeted outcomes in spaced learning, long-term development and other structured interventions.

Interested in exploring options for your enterprise? Come for a highly productive hour, after which all attendees will also receive a kit of free resources.

Date: 22nd November 2017 (Wednesday)

Fee: Complimentary

Time: 10 AM (Central Time)

“Many companies have certainly moved to a mobile based delivery. But you can’t really call it mobile learning when you’re cramming what is essentially a day long course into a mobile-friendly viewing format. The learner’s experience is what makes mobility unique, and that’s the most overlooked aspect in most designs! This won’t do... You’re dealing with a stage of the world where people have sophisticated expectations by now of what kind of experience they want from their devices. Most of what’s out there right now just won’t cut it for the savvy user.”

Amit Garg

Co-founder & Director - Custom Learning Solutions
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