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PMI Creates It First eBook For Kindle In Association With Upside Learning

A leader in business improvement consultancy and training, Process Management International (PMI) has been publishing books and other resources on various topics. Keeping in line with the increasing global trend of eBooks and eReaders, it has recently released its first eBook for Kindle. This eBook has been designed and developed by Upside Learning.

Called ‘The Project Leader’s Handbook’, this eBook is an online version of PMI’s handbook on work management and improvement. An invaluable reference for anyone involved in improving and managing their work, the book helps senior managers to understand the approach being taken by their people, whilst participants in teams like to refer to it for the details of what is going on.

While Upside Learning has been developing a range of mobile learning solutions for some years now, it was PMI’s first tryst with mobile learning. And the advantages that PMI derived from this are apparent. Converting the handbook in Kindle compatible format ensured that PMI could target not just the hard-bound book reading segment but also the growing segment of eBook readers. Also, having an eBook meant that any update in content could be easily and quickly sent to the readers. For the readers, this eliminated the need to buy a revised version.

Speaking about PMI’s decision to enter the eBook market, Amit Garg, Director of Custom eLearning Solutions at Upside Learning, said, “In today’s day and age where on the move has become a norm and new technologies have brought in a wide variety of devices, it is imperative for an organization to cater to its audiences through a format and a delivery mode that is the most acceptable. PMI has been leading the way in business process improvement for almost 3 decades now and as such understands the need to continually evolve.” Further, he added, “Our developers are well experienced in developing mobile apps and other new-age solutions in the mobile learning domain. By developing an eBook compatible with Kindle 2, we are happy that we could help PMI open new business avenues.”

Dennis Crommentuijn-Marsh, Consultant & Product Development Manager at PMI, commented, “This has been our first development of an eBook, but definitely not our last! The team at Upside Learning did a fantastic job, given the complexities in the material they had to convert into an easy to use eBook. It is now on Amazon and selling well!”.

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