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Upside Learning provides a visual explanation to the need for Multi-device Learning

With almost everyone using multiple devices to carry out daily activities, flexibility to access information/data on any device, at any time and place has become a norm.

For those involved in eLearning development and distribution, this poses a different level of challenge pertaining to designing, testing and delivery of the learning material. Upside Learning, a leading provider of learning technology solutions, evangelises that multi-device/responsive learning is the next level of learning technology. Through its latest infographic, titled ‘Learning in a Multi-device World’, it sheds light on the growing need for multi-device learning and shares some insights on the entire process of designing, maintaining quality and easy roll-out of learning in today’s multi-device world.

The infographic is divided into 3 sections-The Multi-device World, What is Multi-device Learning?, and Getting started with Multi-device learning, each supported by relevant stats and information. The first section explains the increase in the number of devices and the transition between them that has become a part of the daily routine leading to the evolution of ‘The Multi-device World‘. The second section goes on to explain the need for multi-device learning in the present scenario. The third section provides an elucidation on the various aspects that have to be considered and some tips on getting started with Multi-device learning.

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