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Upside Learning’s Instructional Designing team spills the beans on qualities of a good ID

Upside Learning, a leading provider of learning technology solutions, recently brought together its Instructional Designing team for an open discussion to explore the key qualities of an ID. The discussion was conducted as a part of the company’s analysis of all key profiles and understanding of the important qualities for each.

During the discussion, the participants examined a number of issues related to conceptualisation, approach and processes, including various ways in which Instructional Designers can play a key role in addressing the challenges pertaining to project delivery. Each ID who participated put forward a unique quality, from which the most important ones were published by Upside Learning in a blog post.

Some key qualities that were revealed, in no particular order, are: Learner focussed, detail oriented, creative/imaginative, eager to learn, open minded, patient, ability to visualise well, has strong analytical skills, good communicator, stubborn, good writer and technologically aware.

In the context of eLearning, Instructional Designers play a pivotal role in designing the content. Hence, it is inevitable that certain criteria be followed when recruiting an ID in an organisation. The qualities listed in the blog can act as clear standards that can help in selecting the exceptional Instructional designers to conceptualise the eLearning content.

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