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‘Flash to HTML Conversion’ – Get it Right with Upside Learning’s Upcoming Webinar

Mobility has moved from the personal computing space to business, impacting the way learning is created and delivered. While Flash continues to remain an important tool for developing desktop-based learning, HTML5, with its ability to play audio, video, 2D/3D graphics, and animation without a plug-in and its capability to work on mobile devices, presents itself as a promising alternative to eLearning development. This brings up the big question – What can be done with the existing Flash-based eLearning?

Upside Learning’s upcoming webinar, titled ‘Flash to HTML conversion – Getting it Right!‘, answers this very question as it helps organisations in converting their existing Flash-based eLearning to HTML. The webinar to be presented by Amit Garg, Co-founder and Director- Custom Learning Solutions, Upside Learning, covers the whole nine yards of ‘why’ HTML-based eLearning is required in today’s day and age, the pre-considerations, some implementation strategies and also the actual Flash to HTML conversion process. The webinar will be held on 2nd December at 09:30 AM IST (03:00 PM AEDT, 08:00 AM GST) and also on 3rd December at 07:30 PM IST (02:00 PM GMT, 09:00 AM EST).

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