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Upside Learning To Uncover The ‘What, Why And How’ Of eLearning On Tablets Through A Free Webinar

Many organisation have included eLearning and mobile learning in their L&D strategies, but are yet to account for the increasing usage of tablet devices in the workplace. On the other hand are organisation that are ‘now’ feeling the need to move towards mLearning. Whichever stage an organisation be in, developing eLearning for tablets (also called as tablet learning) is almost inevitable today. This makes understanding of tablets, their usage and applications in the context of workplace learning the need of the hour.

Upside Learning’s free webinar ‘eLearning on Tablets – What, Why and How?’ aims to facilitate this understanding. Scheduled on 27th August at 3.30 PM BST and 28th August at 11 AM IST, the webinar will be presented by Amit Garg, Director and Co–founder, Upside Learning, and Alan Samuel, Director Client Solutions (Europe).

Starting with the different types of tablets available today, the webinar will go on to explain how they are being used in our daily lives before diving into the need of developing eLearning on tablets and finally concluding with some design and development considerations. The webinar will be largely driven by Amit and Alan’s vast experience in the learning domain and the various interactions they have been having with clients and prospects across different geographies. Facts and figures by renowned research bodies and examples from learning and non–learning scenarios will be used to support the topics in the webinar.

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