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Making Your Learning Mobile Enabled – Stories From the Trench

View the recording of this webinar to understand the intricacies of mobile learning and how to pursue it in the organisation.


The Return of Video eLearning as DIY (Do It Yourself)

View the recording of this webinar to know the role of Videos in eLearning & get tips on how you can use a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach to shoot & produce videos for your online courses.


Using Twitter to Make Personal Development and Blended Learning Effective

View the recording of this webinar to know firsthand how various social media tools and Twitter in particular can be used to drive your professional development.


Development is a Big Deal With Big Rewards

View the recording of this webinar and get insights on the best practices that need to be considered to ensure maximum return on investment for learning and development initiatives.


Creating Responsive eLearning with FRED

View this recording as we talk in-depth about the need of Responsive eLearning in today's multi-device world and give you behind the scenes look at FRED, our Framework for Responsive eLearning Development.


Keep Learning – How Can We (In Learning) Enable and Facilitate This?

View recording of this webinar and get an inside look on how the learning community can facilitate and build a continuous learning process in the workplace.


The Design of Interaction for eLearning

Join us as we shed light on designing meaningful interactions that improve eLearning outcomes. In addition to presenting a case study, the webinar will also explore different types of content including the ones that lend themselves to digital interaction.


6 Key Decision Areas for Implementing Mobile Learning

Join us to understand the 6 key decision areas for implementing mobile learning. These include identifying the need of mLearning, the readiness of your target audience, devices and platforms to support, technology to be used, relevant content and security concerns.


eLearning on Tablets ‒ What, Why & How

Learn 'what' exactly eLearning on Tablets is, 'why' you should be considering it and 'how' you can get started.


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