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6 Key Decision Areas for Implementing Mobile Learning

Join us to understand the 6 key decision areas for implementing mobile learning. These include identifying the need of mLearning, the readiness of your target audience, devices and platforms to support, technology to be used, relevant content and security concerns.


eLearning on Tablets ‒ What, Why & How

Learn 'what' exactly eLearning on Tablets is, 'why' you should be considering it and 'how' you can get started.


Designing eLearning for iPads (tablets)

Learn about tablets and their common usage, and the key factors to be kept in mind while designing new eLearning for iPads (tablets) or while ‘mEnabling’ your existing courseware.


Busting 7 Mobile Learning Myths

Get past the common myths surrounding mLearning and plan your mobile learning strategy with more clarity and assertion.


No Escaping Mobile Learning

Learn about the drivers accelerating mobile learning adoption, and how you can take the first steps towards leveraging the technology for learning.


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