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The Learning Gauge

Download a new guide to help you measure the Impact of Learning: The Learning Gauge


Responsive eLearning Design & Development

Get in-depth insights into responsive eLearning, its design and development functions, and its challenges and solutions.


Mobile Learning: Let’s Not Phone It In!

Do you presently use mobility in your training interventions? Can you improve its efficiency and impact? What are the key considerations that can make or break your project? This eBook discusses these concerns, and more!


Compliance Training: Stop Ticking the Boxes

Have a compliance program that’s not as effective as you’d hoped? Or wondering where to start to design an effective one? Find the answers to all your queries in this eBook.


The Ultimate Guide to migrating eLearning from Flash to HTML5

This eBook is meant for organizations who want to migrate their eLearning from Flash to HTML5. If you mean to convert or redesign your courses to accommodate the phasing out of Flash by Adobe, this eBook is for you.


Which Responsive Authoring Tools Will Work for Your eLearning Needs?

Go through six cases that illustrate how different business and learning needs and responsive eLearning authoring tool features can be evaluated to identify the right tool for the requirement.


eLearning Outsourcing 101

Get a comprehensive view of outsourcing custom content development.


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